Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa is visiting

O2O-Icon-ImageThe icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa has a fascinating history of its own. Tradition holds that St. Luke the Evangelist himself “wrote” the icon of what has now become known as “Our Lady of Czestochowa” on a cypress table in the home of the Holy Family. The Icon was damaged by anti-Catholic, Hussite raiders in 1430 who slashed it and attempted to burn her, so much so that today she is referred to as the “Black Madonna.” In a sense, she is a symbol of Poland herself, scarred but persevering in faith.  She has been credited with numerous miracles and healings – both of a spiritual and physical nature. A beautiful copy of this Icon has been blessed and consecrated at the monastery of Jasna Gora in Poland, where the original is kept, and entrusted to the defense of life and family. Now, after traveling 40,000 miles from Vladivostok in Russia through 24 countries in Europe and Canada, Our Lady will be visiting  St. Aloysius Church Peewee Valley  and  St. Martin of Tours Church on Her global pilgrimage. Please join us as we welcome Our Lady of Czestochowa to our local parishes and ask for Her protection of life and family as well as personal petitions.

You can visit http://www.hli.org/hli_campaigns/ocean-ocean-pilgrimage for more information on this pilgrimage. Fr. Peter West, vice president of HLI for Missions, is the custodian of the icon during the pilgrimage to the United States. He participated in the ceremony of dedication and application of the icon to the original, which began the first stage of the pilgrimage “From Ocean to Ocean”. For more info, please click Our Lady of Czestochowa info and schedule.


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