Schola Cantorum

“School of Singing”

Building upon the success of St. Martin’s recent Chant Camp, we are happy to announce the establishment of a regular academic program in music for the training of young musicians. Mindful of the Second Vatican Council’s mandate that “much emphasis should be placed on the teaching of music,” and of the important role in the cognitive, artistic and spiritual development that music plays, the Student Schola Program will:

  1. Train students in singing technique, solfege, sight-reading, and rhythm skill.
  2. Form students in the music of the Church, particularly Gregorian Chant.
  3. Instill a sense of the beauty of the liturgy and the importance of the Church’s sung worship.


There is no age limit for students, and no prior musical training is required. However, first-time students should be old enough to read English fluently.


The Student Schola will meet each week on Wednesdays from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at St. Martin’s to work on musical training, liturgical formation and to prepare music for up-coming liturgies.

Weekly rehearsals will be held:

September 16th-December 17th

January 20th-May 11th

The Student Schola will also sing for Masses at St. Martin’s throughout the year. The full academic schedule will be provided after the close of registration.


Students are allowed 4 absences per year. 2 tardy appearances constitute 1 absence. (Extraordinary circumstances excepted)


Parents may register their children for the Student Schola Program by filling out the registration form on the back of this brochure and returning it to the parish office with the registration fee by September 11th.


1 child: $350

2 children: $500

3 or more children (family discount): $700

Payments may be made in full or half each semester, although registrants should commit to the full academic year in fairness to their fellow choristers.

Fees cover the cost of: Binders and other supplies; Music copyright; Sheet music; Student Schola assistant(s)


Dr. Paul Weber received his first musical training as a chorister in the Appleton Boychoir. He subsequently studied the boyschoir at the Cathedral in Lichfield, England on a Breckenridge Scholarship. His holds degrees in organ and sacred music from Lawrence University and Yale University. Dr. Weber is the Director of Sacred Music & Organist at St. Martin’s.


Student Schola registration form


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