New Associate Pastor

Father Deljo PuthurSt. Martin’s is pleased to announce that Fr. Deljo Puther, CMI will be joining Father Beach as an Associate Pastor effective June 19th.

Stations of the Cross

American Heritage Group Troop 1031 invites you to the Stations of the Cross, led by Deacon Bob Bryant, on Feb. 22 at 6:30 pm. A soup and salad dinner will follow in the Parish Hall. Volunteers are needed to donate a pot of meatless soup or a salad to share.  Bread and drinks will be provided.

For more information or to RSVP to Troop 1031 contact Jim Roth at or (502)500-9998.  There will also be sign-up sheets in the back of the church.  Please indicate if you can help with soup or salad.

The girls will also be taking up free-will donations with all proceeds to go to charity.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

If you volunteered at any time last year, St. Martin and the Knight of Columbus would like to thank you! On February 9 at 6:00 pm in the Parish Hall the Knights of Columbus would hold a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Please call the office at 582-2827 to RSVP.

Christmas Flowers and Candles

Very soon the Christmas decorations will appear in church.  This year, you have the opportunity to give an offering for an individual poinsettia or a set of candles to be place in the stained glass windows. Your gift will be in honor or memory of a relative/friend.  Their names will be placed in the crèche shortly before Christmas.

Suggested offerings:  $35.00 flowers and $25.00 for candles

Please call the office at (502) 582-2827 if interested.

All Saints Day & All Souls Day

This Thursday, November 1, is the Feast of All Saints and is a Holy Day of Obligation. Mass will be on October 31 at 7:00 p.m. (Vigil) and November 1 at Noon and 7:00 p.m. (Extraordinary Form).

Friday, November 2, is the Feast of All Souls. In addition to the regular Noon Mass, there will be a special Mass at 6:00 p.m. where the deceased of the parish will be remembered.

Louisville Catholic Home Schooling

A group of dedicated, faithful families that endeavors to support and nurture each other along the home school journey that includes several of our parish families. More and more parents are turning to home schooling as another way to assure their children receive a good education that includes grounding in their Catholic faith. Check out Louisville Catholic Home Schooling if you are interested in what they are doing.

Procession and Reinterment of the relics of St.s Magnus & Bonosa…

This weekend saw a celebration of historic proportions here at the parish: the reinterment of our two saints, Magnus and Bonosa. St. Martin’s has been home to the full skeletal remains of two third century Roman martyrs since 1901. Their resting places – underneath the two side altars in the front of the church – were in need of repair and therefore the relics needed to be moved to complete that work. The opportunity was taken (with appropriate ecclesiastical approbation) to remove them from their reliquary cases and to undertake a study of the relics themselves.