Sunday Observance

As Catholics we are obligated to attend public worship of God by participating in holy Mass on Sunday. (Canon Law No. 1247)  Proper Mass attendance should include preparation, usually by reading the scriptural passages and reflecting on them prior to Mass and frequent reconciliation.  We should also remember to dress appropriately when attending Mass.  Unfortunately, the idea of wearing your “Sunday best” has lost popularity.  Shouldn’t we all dress as nice as we would go to say a wedding when going to the house of our Lord?

After Sunday Mass, remember that Sunday is the Lord’s Day, the equivalent of the Jewish Sabbath, a day the Lord set aside for rest.  We should make every effort to keep Sunday as a family-oriented day of rest.  We should refrain from work, chores or shopping whenever possible.  Spend the day with your family or extended family.  If that is not possible, use the day for rest and reflection or charitable activities such as visiting the sick or elderly, especially elderly relatives who know the burden of being alone.